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Unlimited air source. That's the York 210 series compressor. Large 10 cu. in. displacement fills tires fast. Real fast! Rated at 4 CFM at 90 psi while running at 1200 rpm. Capable of 8+ CFM! Running air tools isn't a problem anymore with this on board air compressor! Kilby Enterprises carries only the large 10.3 cu. in. displacement York compressors. Double V-groove and Serpentine clutches work correctly with our mounting
brackets and are sold separately.

When the York compressor is mounted on its side, the suction port has to be on top in order to function properly. Please take note on which side you plan on laying the compressor and order accordingly.

15 lbs. 11x6x8
Flange head. Right hand suction Compressor uses 28723 fittings.

15 lbs. 11x6x8
Tube-O head left hand suction Compressor uses 44760 fittings.


1 lb. 10x10x5
EF210R-KIT York Gasket Kit

1 lb.
EF210R-SEALSeal Kit



Direct from the factory, these dipsticks were made for the York compressors.  There are 12 notches at the end of the dipstick, each one accounting for an ounce of oil.  This dipstick is inserted into the bolt hole on either side of the compressor.  Go to page 7 of the York Service Manual for more specific information. The York manual is available in our info center.

1 lb. 9x9x4



A lot of customers like to supply their own compressors and clutches. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, not all clutches are created equal. You cannot buy the pulley portion of the clutch separate from the coil. They come as a pair. There are different manufacturers of clutches and not all parts are interchangeable. For example, my clutch pulley may not fit your coil. Second, V-groove clutches can have one or two grooves for the belt. They also come in different diameters. More importantly, they also come in different offsets. If your clutch does not have the proper offset, the belt will not line up with the other components in our kits. We have picked what we feel is the most common V-groove clutch and use it exclusively in our kits that use a V-groove belt to drive the compressor. This clutch is a 6" diameter, double V-groove unit that can use up to a 1/2" wide belt. We do not have the resources to provide tech support on junkyard parts. Please don't ask. However, I will show you how to check your clutch to see if it'll work with my kits. If you don't get the same measurements, your clutch is the wrong one. Please look at the picture on the right.


6" diameter, 2 groove clutch.

10 lbs. 9x9x3



We also stock the hard-to-find Serpentine clutch that is needed for the CJs that run a factory serpentine belt.  This serpentine clutch will fit the CJ's 258, non AC engine with the serpentine belt.  If your factory bracket has an idler pulley installed and the idler uses 4 vertical bolts to mount it, the York compressor and serpentine clutch will be a direct bolt-in.  The serpentine clutch takes place of the idler pulley.  In this particular installation, the compressor will lay on it's left side.
If the factory bracket and idler uses 4 vertical bolts, the York will be a direct bolt in.

If the factory bracket and idler uses 2 vertical and 2 horizontal bolts to mount the idler, the York will not be a direct bolt in.

This clutch is also used with our KE-1550, KE-1975, KE-2000 & KE-26710 kits.

10 lbs. 9x9x3
6 Groove 25-513352 

10 lbs. 9x9x3
8 Groove 25-515376



Custom Flange Head fittings utilize 1/2" NPT to make your connections fast and painless.  Flange Head o-rings also available upon request.

2 lbs. 7x5x3



NEW!  Custom Rotolock fittings utilize 1/2" NPT and can be used on Tube-O compressors with our drop-in adapters.  Comes complete with adapters, teflon seals and Tube-O o-rings.

2 lbs. 7x5x3


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